Creative Director

Cynthia Bogart

Staying curious and daydreaming have led me to tap into my creativity.
Producing photo shoots for Better Homes & Gardens publications  taught me how to project manage and pay attention to the smallest of details.  I map out the ‘whole picture’ of a project, identify the voids and strengths and create a holistic, balanced game plan that produces excellent results.
I am expert at creating and launching digital projects, managing them to their full potential and bringing them to a successful finish.  As a content creator and designer, my goal has always been to produce rich, engaging content so audiences can be captivated, engaged and take away something of value.
Besides helping to develop and bring many client’s web presences online, I developed two products of my own, The Daily Basics and Artisans List.  The Daily Basics was a website where I gathered over 30 experts in the lifestyle arena who regularly contributed articles in such fields as Interior Design, food, car reviews for women and travel.  After 7 years, The Daily Basics had published over 1000 pieces of original content. The second product, Artisans List, was a niche online directory that listed traditional craftspeople who had products or services for people who loved old homes. Artisans List also produced how-to guides, magazine quality articles and videos in order to provide information and inspiration for our community.  Artisans List was shuttered due to Covid.

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