Histwick Historical Society

Histwick, formerly called the Wickford Historical Society in Rhode Island, needed a new website that would serve their very active community, highlight their activities, and represent their organization to the outside world.

Histwick has been voted the #1 Best Small Historic Town in the USA for 2022.

Histwick.org’s website and organization has been recognized by Preservation RI as an outstanding example of a small town historical society.

Histwick Historical Society
What's Cool
Interactive Google Map of historical houses and properties listing their individual histories was created. It is a living document and it continually updated.
Website Design. Researched and documented the history of each home from local, state and library records

Interactive Google Map of the Historic Homes in the Town

Each property listing is identified on the map and has one or more photo of the home with a researched listing of who built it, lived in it and any other known historical data.

Living History Audio Series

Older residents record memories of the way things were in years gone by in Wickford.  The recordings were published on Soundcloud and are accessible on the site.