The DB Mag, the content-rich adjunct to the blog, The Daily Basics, produced long-form magazine styled articles.

Keeping the traditional magazine reading experience alive was a challenge that The DB Mag undertook successfully.  

When traditional print publishing went digital, many people were in a quandary as to how to make the transition. Print editors, writers and photographers were lost in the shuffle and the magazine lovers didn’t know where to turn. Blogs, flipbooks and sites like Medium were the ones that first offered the alternative, but there was a cry for a re-creation of the traditional magazine reading experience.

The DB Mag took a stab at it and brought in top talent to create content-rich articles that would satisfy those readers.  Some of the contributors were Marla Meridith, a lifestyle and food blogger who grew her organic following to over 750,000, entertaining expert, Kelley Moore who appeared on many television shows, developed successful YouTube shows and was in the hit series, High Design on HGTV, and photographers  John Gruen, Lori Andrews, and Nat Rea.