The Dodge Charger: A Muscle Car for Women Engineered by a Woman

If you are the average women looking for your next best car, muscle cars were probably not on  your top ten list.  Would you think twice if you knew that one of the hottest muscle cars ever, the Dodge Charger, was engineered by a woman who drives her kids to school in hers?

Alison Rahm, the chief engineer of this iconic car, was my passenger when I had the opportunity to test drive the 2015 Charger on Mulholland Drive in Los Angeles.  Alison is passionate about her work, and in non-technical terms explained how the introduction of the eight speed automatic transmission versus it’s traditional five speed increased fuel economy, gave the transmission a longer life expectancy, decreased the wear on the clutches and made the shift in gears so smooth that it was almost undetectable.

The car had a powerful 650 ft lb of torque, has style, speed and precision handling.  It was powerful, luxurious, comfortable and thrill to drive. Although safety is a standard concern in any vehicle today, Alison’s team has paid extraordinary attention to refining the safety features of this car boasting all speed traction control, defensive driving alerts and the collision warning and breaking system.

There is a lot of thoughtfulness applied to every aspect of the design and engineering in the Charger besides stellar performance. The classic styling is clean, sexy and definitely captures attention on the road.  Alison’s great love is in interiors and it shows in the attention to detail, the electronics, the amenities for comfort – all here.

Alison, as a mom who drives her kids around, is also looking ahead to when they will be behind the wheel of one of her cars one day.  Having a woman who has Mom-sense lead the engineering team of  a muscle car has got to be the ultimate vote for safety.  


“Driving the Charger gives me the opportunity to have a car that is an extension of my personality, not just an appliance.  I revel in the emotional connection it creates, but also the sense of stability and confidence it inspires while driving – especially when I’m with my young family.  The Charger is large enough to accommodate my family and all that I need to haul with them.  The amenities and creature comforts (heated steering wheel, vented seats, Adaptive Cruise Control, Blind Spot Monitoring, Passive Entry/Keyless Go, 8.4” touch screen, etc.) make my lengthy commute a dream.”

Alison Rahm, Chief Engineer, Dodge Charger & Challenger

I am not a professional auto journalist, just a regular driver like you. However I have the opportunity on occasion to see and test the latest cars first hand and talk with the manufacturers. The goal here is to give you insight into the cars on the market in order to help you make the best car choice for you at this point in your life.

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